Monday, September 20, 2010



Lets not lie we all do this.

The other day at my yoga class a lady came up and told me that in order to close the doors to the studio I had to hold both which I thought "lady I've been coming here for 8 years, I think I know that...and you have been coming here for what? one session."

I took a completely kind situation and turned it into something pretty horrible.

This is not a good attribute...I'm working on it.

When I first got pregnant, I remember feeling the stares and obvious judgement more intensely.

"I can't believe she is wearing that when she is pregnant."
"I can't believe she is still exercising...she is exercising too much."
"I can't believe she is eating that for lunch."
"She is gaining too much weight, she is gaining not enough weight."
"I thought she didn't want to have kids."
Yikes I thought...but I should have known this was only the preamble for becoming a mother.
"Your not taking her out enough."
'Your not breastfeeding."
"She is sleeping too much, or not enough."
"Your too strict with her schedule."
"Your just anxious and that is making the baby anxious."
"Your reading too many books."
"Stop looking on the Internet."
"I don't think she is enjoying motherhood...or perhaps some people might have experienced: "she is just all about the baby, she is smothering that poor thing."

NOTE: Women (all human beings) but mostly WOMEN need to get on the same team.

This team (women) carries a bowling ball around for 9 months, work, possibly have other children at home, make dinner (not me, but some people do this), are expected to look great while doing it and after it, need to smile so that the world knows this whole experience is amazing every moment of every day and combat every last crazy hormonal influx during the course of it...all while we judge each other.

I'm not sure when this started but it needs to stop.

I can only imagine what some people are even thinking while they are reading my blog: family is thinking (Oh dear, she isn't happy), friends could be thinking (Geez she has no idea about punctuation or spelling), random people could be thinking (I hear you).


The funny thing is, if I was writing about how to make Organic baby food, and clean hardwood floors with all natural ingredients you would be judging me as well.

I have a vision in my head of a mom who lets her child wear his Superman pajamas out to the grocery store with his favorite rubber boots...I can't imagine what some people would be saying as she walked by...and the thing IS she'd probably be ready for someone to say something to her just so she could defend herself. A LOT OF TIME spent by both parties on something that doesn't even matter.

So as I shut down my lap top for the day, as my little girl is sleeping upstairs WITH only 1 minute of light crying (APPLAUSE APPLAUSE), I will go out and try to treat everyone with a little more kindness and compassion.

Thanks for reading my rambles.

The rubber boots that I have been eyeing are at Superstore: they are Hunter Green and have lace ups up the front: $34.00 (ish). I included a pic of one pair that they have at Superstore as well.
The other clothing items are from Madewell (sister store of J.Crew).

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