Friday, January 29, 2010

Only leaving room for the "FINEST" in your life.

Have you ever met one of those people that inspire you? I'm not talking the Mother Teresa type; just one of those people that busily go about their life making everything fun. I have had the opportunity to meet said person, and I have to say it makes all the difference. This said meeting makes me believe that one should only leave room for these type of people, a.k.a the "finest" people or friends in your life.

Leaving room for only the finest means that you too will have some work to do...these
people are hard to find. They can take a typical day and make it magical with only the fewest means. These people are the friends whose very nature make you feel accepted, validated and admired. They hear you talk and listen...recalling days later what was said. To make a long story short these are very powerful people to have in your corner. Find them and keep them as friends at all costs.

Leaving room for the finest in terms of clothes follows the very same logic. Only leave room in your closet for those things that you really items aren't any good when you don't spring out of bed to put them on. If this means you have less clothes then that is just how it is. You need only to make room for those quality, adored and cherished items in your closet. I often think of big designers like "Chanel," now certainly I do not have the money to buy these items, but if I did how great it would be. They are timeless, and the more they make it to the classification of "vintage" the more adored and revered they are. These items would never be moved to a downstairs box they would always hold a place in your closet. Now, for us common folk I think the same holds true with the pieces we really adore. These pieces in my opinion can come from Old Navy, or JCrew, or even H&M BUT...they need to be adored. You need to go to the shop and look at that piece of jewelry, or shirt and say there it is! I never quite understood people buying a piece of clothing that is "good enough" or "will work" my opinion hold out or do without, until you find the one item you want to wear on the way home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Universe

Over the last few days I have gotten back in the habit of taking 15 minutes to meditate in the morning. This is a far cry from the hour daily I put in last year, but none-the-less, I'm back at it. The need to meditate stems closely with the ever increasing belly I have been showcasing and the inability to quiet the monkey in my mind. The 15 minutes in the morning has reminded me about my belief in the Universe and its energy.

How do I know that the Universe can sometimes provide you with what you really need? Of course there are the simplest happenings such as throwing out "I wish we had cake" and such a cake is provided" but I think there is more going on and at various levels. I will spare you all the "universe" type theories or details that roll around in my head...basically I have forgotten about my strong belief in "Energy out equals energy in." If you don't put yourself out there to make things happen, the Universe really has no chance in placing you in the predicament where you can learn, grow or flourish. I throw in the "learn" part as part of my career was just that a "learning" that taught me that there is more to life then just work, and that only having one spoke in your wheel of life can have tragic consequences. I also believe that within that "learning" period, which can easily be coined as the "crappy time in your life," it is up to you to make the change; to get the Universal energy rolling so to speak. You have to do something...

I figure that I am currently in the "growing" phase...
here is where I derail from the authentic, Oprah type conversation to the more materialistic beware...
and I will continue to "grow" my wardrobe for as long as the Universe deems fitting. Hence my wishlist in pictures.

Do you remember what it felt like before you went back to school after a long summer holiday? You got all your supplies ready...and mentally took note of what you would change about yourself and your actions for the school year. Or do you recall how you felt after you were sick with a cold or the flu? You started cleaning your house top to bottom, ate better and washed your hands just a bit more than you did before. I feel like I am in one of those situations; one where I need to start labelling my pencil crayons, take inventory of what I have and need, and to start making a plan.

Unfortunately I have had more luck planning my wardrobe then my actual "life." I can't say that my plan will work...I can already hear the moans and groans of millions "you just wait, you'll be so tired" or "you just won't be possible." BLAH!!! So just to make sure these people know that I don't really have my head up the clouds (all the time that is), I will preface the following list with: Daily challenges, to be met with some degree of flexibility.

I will wake up and get ready for the day regardless of whether or not I actually leave the house, baby crying or not.

I will continue to exercise as soon as possible: 4 days treadmill and weights, 1 day yoga and 1 day in the pool. I will sign up for the "Women's day race" and dominate.

I will do my darndest to train my new little girl to enjoy the jogging stroller, or I will learn to listen to my IPod slightly louder than normal.

My husband will take care of the baby one morning a week before he goes to work so that I can go to the pool.

I will go for a walk each morning to get a coffee...regardless.

I will get out in the afternoon even if it means going to Walmart...and no I don't have a Walmart outfit (not yet anyways).

I will evolve in ways that are independent of "motherhood" during the course of my leave.

I will be a "joiner" mommy and me yoga, baby massage, strollercise, and swimming.

I will not listen to or become one of those judgemental mothers.

So now that the room is ready, and the time is drawing nearer...I need to hold onto some blind faith that I will not loose myself, and I will do everything in my power to enjoy it and not wish one second away...okay maybe a few seconds.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

...But what would I be wearing!

I was driving home today and I forgot that I was pregnant. I think perhaps the baby has moved down a bit allowing me to breathe a bit easier and eat more than a granola bar at one sitting...I feel I got a little normalcy back. Within this normalcy however, my mind has shifted from pushing out a baby, being a mother, and sleepless nights to the next most logical thought..."What will I wear on maternity leave?"

I'd like to think that I will be running errands like Jessica Alba and coffeeing with friends with a quiet, content baby (I'm not really interested in the reality of it all). So within my daydreams I have concocted a few necessary items that I will need to purchase to ensure that I have the right outfit for the right occassion.

Here is goes:

First outing with friends after having the baby: leggings, new black modal dress,BB Dakota Leather Jacket, Tolani scarf, cocktail ring, Louis Vuitton large tote and Frye boots

Baby Shower: BB dakota Leather Jacket,JCrew floral tunic, black zippered leggings, and Louis Vuitton large tote

Going to Mommy and Me Yoga class(fast forward 4 weeks): Lululemon pink jacket and new still pants (I have had mine for the last 3 years and I think it may be time to replace), and Uggs

Strollercise class at Servus Center: Lululemon pink jacket (see two places I can wear it...must mean I need it) and still pants with regular ole running shoes.

Shopping Trip: J Brand skinny jeans, Frye Boots(2nd time for these guys), White Drop-waisted tunic from Old Navy, new Om necklace from Boutiquetoyou, Louis Vuitton (a.k.a baby bag), and J.Crew white and pink scarf

Doctor's Appointments: J.Crew stretch twill mini black pants, , White Drop-waisted tunic from Old Navy, Matt Bernson flats, and maybe the cocktail ring if I'm feeling sassy

Staying at home: Juicy Couture terry pants, long beach grey cardigan from J.Crew

To come...summer fashion: which will have to include going to the playground, going for swim lessons, and adventures at the cabin

Perhaps I should really get back to the adventure at hand...I mean I am pregnant and I am having a baby...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Maternity Fashion

I only have 6 more weeks left in this pregnancy and I have to say I am getting quite tired of my clothes. I have looked long and hard on various websites to try and stay somewhat trendy and to look like myself. Here is what I have learned this far:

Isabelle Oliver clothes are expensive but so worth it. I am not sure how they do it, but once you order they ship your clothes the next day and quite often you have them within 3-5 days. The shipping and handling is minimal which is pretty amazing since they are based out of London and their returns are shipped to Toronto and are dealt with in a timely manner. This is a fantastic advantage as your pregnancy is a set duration and you need it now or you need the money back. If you are anything like me, 5'9", the clothes are long enough in the arms and are always the clothes that make me feel the most like myself. They wash well and the fabric holds up. All you need is a few accessories and you are good to go. My favorite was the long black turtle neck that can also be worn as a tunic over leggings. Seraphine makes great leggings and they are often sold at most boutique maternity stores.

Victoria Secret has some great deals on clothing that is long enough to cover that growing bump during your pregnancy. I purchased a purple turtle neck from them and the cost was minimal and the shirt was well loved.

Lululemon has also been a saving grace for me during my pregnancy. I am almost through my pregnancy and I didn't buy a winter coat; alright I may have froze on more than one occasion but I hate spending money on things that I don't love. The Lululemon coat and 5year shirt were a worthwhile purchase and will serve me well after I have the baby.

Anthropologie is a good thing. Not only does this store have great accessories to spruce up the black shirts, turtle necks and tunics you have purchased, but many of their clothes are the same price as maternity stores; you just need to size up. One of my favorite buys was a black wrap by a brand named BAILEY 44. I only needed to buy a size small, as most of the new wraps are full of fabric and it will be something I can wear after.

If you like your labels like me a pair of seven maternity jeans will serve you well. I often get asked where I got my jeans from with most people thinking that they are not maternity.

Enjoy your body (that is what people keep telling me) and even though you may not wear it again you are worth it.

Back to Work

The always daunting task of returning to work after a long break is tricky. It is risky because you somehow come to believe that the life you led on your holiday is possible or plausible to continue indefinitely. The reality of it all is that you have to work to "make the money" and that will always be except for incredible circumstances. The tricky part is that even though you may have come to some clarity that Paris Hilton's lifestyle will not be yours, others may have not. These people are troublesome because they continue to challenge your beliefs of the above mentioned. They say things like "there must be a better way" which make you move into the future and make your forget about the here and now, however good or bad it may be viewed. It is best to stay clear of these conversations of "what if" and stay close to people that are in the present...enjoying their coffee or making photocopies. The dreamers can get you into more trouble than you'll ever know; I should know I was one of them.

Today was a reminder of my own changes over the last few years. Travel always strikes a cord with me as does returning to pursue additional schooling. I THINK these are two things that could hold much joy for me and truly depict LIVING. I use to get really jealous when I heard of others doing either of these things, and immediately I was online googling new careers or GAP years abroad. Hearing about someone elses experiences also use to bring up long tormented conversations with my husband about what we are doing and when we will start living. However, currently I have begun to learn (after many mini journeys: one stint to Europe and various travels to warm destinations, some alterations to the serotonin in my brain and two attempts at going back to school) that I can choose to be happy right now...right where I am at. If I cannot be happy in this moment, in my current job, in my home, in Edmonton I will have no chance of un-medicated success if I decided to take on new challenges like: go back to school, having a baby, or boarding a plane for a year abroad. Others may have come to this a lot earlier than i have.

So even while I needed to go back to work to make the money , have no idea when I will go off on maternity leave, I know that I can try to enjoy the now...for example the fact that my plant from my mother-in-law just bloomed or the fact that I had a new necklace and watch to wear from my online shopping spree to work. Okay, I also have a dress and a leather coat on the way for my post baby body...that also made me happy. This is where I derail a bit, bare with me.

The necklace is now sold out on Revolve Clothing, but the watch is still there. .. There is also a coupon code TULIP that will help you save 15% off of your total.

Perhaps enjoy the right now with the money you make at the job you currently have and do some online shopping with coupon codes...ahhh.

It is what it is and that is all it can be. Enjoy it all: the meditative authentic life and the materialistic as all has its place, but don't on your first day back at work engage in the conversation "what else can I do with my life!"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

34 weeks and pregnant

Stolen words of wisdom: SMILE, BREATHE, AND GO SLOW

The middle road...not sure how to travel on that one while I am pregnant.