Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When is blonde no longer appropriate?

Would you say she is aging well?

When is this type of look no longer appropriate? 30's 40's 50's?....I mean if you are lucky enough to have blonde hair naturally good on you, but when does this long, bright blonde hair style look inappropriate? I worry that I may have answered my own question and that the days of my BLONDE DO are numbered.

So as mentioned before in a recent post I have around 2 inches of roots. I am really not sure what my natural hair color is but imagine it something horrific and dull. I can vaguely remember using words like muddy, and unfortunate to describe it. So for the last 14 years I have colored it mostly blonde. There has been on occasion where I changed it dramatically:
-there was one time when it went BLACK with PURPLE hues in it and my Nan wouldn't let me in the house because she didn't know who I was
-there was the time when I went swimming right before my grade 12 grad and it was so fried it actually turned GREEN on the ends
-there was also many times I decided to become a BRUNETTE, only to be frightened by my ghostly complexion and the responses of goes something like this

A LOOK, A PAUSE, and A STATEMENT: "looks nice." People are nice but they lie.

Yet even with those "sarcastic statements" being said behind my back and the fact that winter is coming and will make me look dull and drone THE LYRICS TO Baz Luhrmann's song keeps haunting me:

"don't mess too much with your hair or by the time your 40 it will look 85"

I'm in trouble.

I feel like if there is a time to grow it out THIS might be my only real chance...the fact that it is somehow cool and trendy to have the "two-toned" hair look right is as if the universe is tempting me to go for it.
THE OFFICIAL QUEST to uncover MY natural hair color begins ...
For all of you who have made the long voyage back or never strayed too far from the hair color you were genetically meant to have, I salute you!

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