Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you remember what it felt like before you went back to school after a long summer holiday? You got all your supplies ready...and mentally took note of what you would change about yourself and your actions for the school year. Or do you recall how you felt after you were sick with a cold or the flu? You started cleaning your house top to bottom, ate better and washed your hands just a bit more than you did before. I feel like I am in one of those situations; one where I need to start labelling my pencil crayons, take inventory of what I have and need, and to start making a plan.

Unfortunately I have had more luck planning my wardrobe then my actual "life." I can't say that my plan will work...I can already hear the moans and groans of millions "you just wait, you'll be so tired" or "you just wait...it won't be possible." BLAH!!! So just to make sure these people know that I don't really have my head up the clouds (all the time that is), I will preface the following list with: Daily challenges, to be met with some degree of flexibility.

I will wake up and get ready for the day regardless of whether or not I actually leave the house, baby crying or not.

I will continue to exercise as soon as possible: 4 days treadmill and weights, 1 day yoga and 1 day in the pool. I will sign up for the "Women's day race" and dominate.

I will do my darndest to train my new little girl to enjoy the jogging stroller, or I will learn to listen to my IPod slightly louder than normal.

My husband will take care of the baby one morning a week before he goes to work so that I can go to the pool.

I will go for a walk each morning to get a coffee...regardless.

I will get out in the afternoon even if it means going to Walmart...and no I don't have a Walmart outfit (not yet anyways).

I will evolve in ways that are independent of "motherhood" during the course of my leave.

I will be a "joiner" mommy and me yoga, baby massage, strollercise, and swimming.

I will not listen to or become one of those judgemental mothers.

So now that the room is ready, and the time is drawing nearer...I need to hold onto some blind faith that I will not loose myself, and I will do everything in my power to enjoy it and not wish one second away...okay maybe a few seconds.

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