Friday, January 29, 2010

Only leaving room for the "FINEST" in your life.

Have you ever met one of those people that inspire you? I'm not talking the Mother Teresa type; just one of those people that busily go about their life making everything fun. I have had the opportunity to meet said person, and I have to say it makes all the difference. This said meeting makes me believe that one should only leave room for these type of people, a.k.a the "finest" people or friends in your life.

Leaving room for only the finest means that you too will have some work to do...these
people are hard to find. They can take a typical day and make it magical with only the fewest means. These people are the friends whose very nature make you feel accepted, validated and admired. They hear you talk and listen...recalling days later what was said. To make a long story short these are very powerful people to have in your corner. Find them and keep them as friends at all costs.

Leaving room for the finest in terms of clothes follows the very same logic. Only leave room in your closet for those things that you really items aren't any good when you don't spring out of bed to put them on. If this means you have less clothes then that is just how it is. You need only to make room for those quality, adored and cherished items in your closet. I often think of big designers like "Chanel," now certainly I do not have the money to buy these items, but if I did how great it would be. They are timeless, and the more they make it to the classification of "vintage" the more adored and revered they are. These items would never be moved to a downstairs box they would always hold a place in your closet. Now, for us common folk I think the same holds true with the pieces we really adore. These pieces in my opinion can come from Old Navy, or JCrew, or even H&M BUT...they need to be adored. You need to go to the shop and look at that piece of jewelry, or shirt and say there it is! I never quite understood people buying a piece of clothing that is "good enough" or "will work" my opinion hold out or do without, until you find the one item you want to wear on the way home.

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