Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work

The always daunting task of returning to work after a long break is tricky. It is risky because you somehow come to believe that the life you led on your holiday is possible or plausible to continue indefinitely. The reality of it all is that you have to work to "make the money" and that will always be except for incredible circumstances. The tricky part is that even though you may have come to some clarity that Paris Hilton's lifestyle will not be yours, others may have not. These people are troublesome because they continue to challenge your beliefs of the above mentioned. They say things like "there must be a better way" which make you move into the future and make your forget about the here and now, however good or bad it may be viewed. It is best to stay clear of these conversations of "what if" and stay close to people that are in the present...enjoying their coffee or making photocopies. The dreamers can get you into more trouble than you'll ever know; I should know I was one of them.

Today was a reminder of my own changes over the last few years. Travel always strikes a cord with me as does returning to pursue additional schooling. I THINK these are two things that could hold much joy for me and truly depict LIVING. I use to get really jealous when I heard of others doing either of these things, and immediately I was online googling new careers or GAP years abroad. Hearing about someone elses experiences also use to bring up long tormented conversations with my husband about what we are doing and when we will start living. However, currently I have begun to learn (after many mini journeys: one stint to Europe and various travels to warm destinations, some alterations to the serotonin in my brain and two attempts at going back to school) that I can choose to be happy right now...right where I am at. If I cannot be happy in this moment, in my current job, in my home, in Edmonton I will have no chance of un-medicated success if I decided to take on new challenges like: go back to school, having a baby, or boarding a plane for a year abroad. Others may have come to this a lot earlier than i have.

So even while I needed to go back to work to make the money , have no idea when I will go off on maternity leave, I know that I can try to enjoy the now...for example the fact that my plant from my mother-in-law just bloomed or the fact that I had a new necklace and watch to wear from my online shopping spree to work. Okay, I also have a dress and a leather coat on the way for my post baby body...that also made me happy. This is where I derail a bit, bare with me.

The necklace is now sold out on Revolve Clothing, but the watch is still there. .. There is also a coupon code TULIP that will help you save 15% off of your total.

Perhaps enjoy the right now with the money you make at the job you currently have and do some online shopping with coupon codes...ahhh.

It is what it is and that is all it can be. Enjoy it all: the meditative authentic life and the materialistic as all has its place, but don't on your first day back at work engage in the conversation "what else can I do with my life!"