Wednesday, January 13, 2010

...But what would I be wearing!

I was driving home today and I forgot that I was pregnant. I think perhaps the baby has moved down a bit allowing me to breathe a bit easier and eat more than a granola bar at one sitting...I feel I got a little normalcy back. Within this normalcy however, my mind has shifted from pushing out a baby, being a mother, and sleepless nights to the next most logical thought..."What will I wear on maternity leave?"

I'd like to think that I will be running errands like Jessica Alba and coffeeing with friends with a quiet, content baby (I'm not really interested in the reality of it all). So within my daydreams I have concocted a few necessary items that I will need to purchase to ensure that I have the right outfit for the right occassion.

Here is goes:

First outing with friends after having the baby: leggings, new black modal dress,BB Dakota Leather Jacket, Tolani scarf, cocktail ring, Louis Vuitton large tote and Frye boots

Baby Shower: BB dakota Leather Jacket,JCrew floral tunic, black zippered leggings, and Louis Vuitton large tote

Going to Mommy and Me Yoga class(fast forward 4 weeks): Lululemon pink jacket and new still pants (I have had mine for the last 3 years and I think it may be time to replace), and Uggs

Strollercise class at Servus Center: Lululemon pink jacket (see two places I can wear it...must mean I need it) and still pants with regular ole running shoes.

Shopping Trip: J Brand skinny jeans, Frye Boots(2nd time for these guys), White Drop-waisted tunic from Old Navy, new Om necklace from Boutiquetoyou, Louis Vuitton (a.k.a baby bag), and J.Crew white and pink scarf

Doctor's Appointments: J.Crew stretch twill mini black pants, , White Drop-waisted tunic from Old Navy, Matt Bernson flats, and maybe the cocktail ring if I'm feeling sassy

Staying at home: Juicy Couture terry pants, long beach grey cardigan from J.Crew

To come...summer fashion: which will have to include going to the playground, going for swim lessons, and adventures at the cabin

Perhaps I should really get back to the adventure at hand...I mean I am pregnant and I am having a baby...

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  1. Love it! Want to be my stylist?? What do you suggest for the rink?