Monday, January 4, 2010

Maternity Fashion

I only have 6 more weeks left in this pregnancy and I have to say I am getting quite tired of my clothes. I have looked long and hard on various websites to try and stay somewhat trendy and to look like myself. Here is what I have learned this far:

Isabelle Oliver clothes are expensive but so worth it. I am not sure how they do it, but once you order they ship your clothes the next day and quite often you have them within 3-5 days. The shipping and handling is minimal which is pretty amazing since they are based out of London and their returns are shipped to Toronto and are dealt with in a timely manner. This is a fantastic advantage as your pregnancy is a set duration and you need it now or you need the money back. If you are anything like me, 5'9", the clothes are long enough in the arms and are always the clothes that make me feel the most like myself. They wash well and the fabric holds up. All you need is a few accessories and you are good to go. My favorite was the long black turtle neck that can also be worn as a tunic over leggings. Seraphine makes great leggings and they are often sold at most boutique maternity stores.

Victoria Secret has some great deals on clothing that is long enough to cover that growing bump during your pregnancy. I purchased a purple turtle neck from them and the cost was minimal and the shirt was well loved.

Lululemon has also been a saving grace for me during my pregnancy. I am almost through my pregnancy and I didn't buy a winter coat; alright I may have froze on more than one occasion but I hate spending money on things that I don't love. The Lululemon coat and 5year shirt were a worthwhile purchase and will serve me well after I have the baby.

Anthropologie is a good thing. Not only does this store have great accessories to spruce up the black shirts, turtle necks and tunics you have purchased, but many of their clothes are the same price as maternity stores; you just need to size up. One of my favorite buys was a black wrap by a brand named BAILEY 44. I only needed to buy a size small, as most of the new wraps are full of fabric and it will be something I can wear after.

If you like your labels like me a pair of seven maternity jeans will serve you well. I often get asked where I got my jeans from with most people thinking that they are not maternity.

Enjoy your body (that is what people keep telling me) and even though you may not wear it again you are worth it.

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